Managed Expectations

i suck as a parent

I just returned from a four-day tour of colleges with my son and aside from my scratched cornea and a cough that has forced me to sleep upright on my living room couch, we got nothing out of it.

I had grand plans for our trip. We were going to talk and laugh and bond over our weekend experience.  We would discuss the high and low points of the colleges we visited and laugh about the ridiculous questions that other parents asked (questions like, “How many volumes does the library have?”). We would return home with private jokes and be closer than ever.

Instead we bickered and fought and I threatened over and over again to fly home without him. Our discussions about the schools we visited were reduced to single sentences like:

“This tour guide is TOO happy. I don’t want to go to school here.”


“I really…

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  1. An accurate metaphor and I, too, hate cats. I had an identical experience with my cat/son. Good read!



  2. I am sorry that I am laughing at your pain but maybe it is because I can hear my daughter and myself in all of this.
    Sending love for your cornea.
    And you.



  3. Posted by Yia Yia on October 16, 2017 at 10:48 am

    I looked up the previous story and still laughed.



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