Seven End-of-Semester Survival Strategies For Your College Student

I have two seniors – one graduating from high school and one graduating from college. Both are barreling toward that (figuratively) dark time in the school year – that time when the sun is finally shining, summer seems this close, and no one, not just seniors, wants to buckle down and study.

Yep, it’s that time again – second semester finals.

I feel like I have the same conversation with my boys around this time every year: “It’s just four weeks. You can do anything for four weeks.” or “Yes, I know you’ve run the calculations and if you fail the test you won’t fail the class but do you really think that’s the best option?” and “Yes, I know, finals are stupid.”

I get it. I remember not being able to focus and thinking that there was no way I could fit another bit of information into my brain let alone remember any of it for a test. I dreamed of chucking all my books in the garbage can on the way out of the library and running away from campus.

If your kids are also feeling the pull of summer and struggling to get through the semester – whether they are freshman in high school or about to graduate from college – feel free to pass along these Seven Survival Strategies For Finals (and the end of the semester) that I wrote for Collegiate Parent.  Because sometimes all your kid needs is a sounding board and a plan.

7 Finals Survival Strategies To Help Students Finish The Semester Strong


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