Make the Most of Summer With Your College Kids

When my kids were little summer break seemed to never end (how many times can one mom help set up and clean up a lemonade stand??). But then, as the kids got older it seemed like I never saw them much. Between day camp, trips to the pool, and hanging with friends those long summer days went by in a flash. I learned very early to schedule some family time or our summer breaks and any extended free time with our kids was gone before we could say, “Who’s up for a family game night?”

Now, with one of our sons off to college in the fall and one newly graduated from college and off on his own soon, I feel even more desperate to spend time as a family. So I  compiled a list of possible summer activities–some tried and true, some that I have on the list every year and never get around to–with the intention of checking every last item off the list this year (I swear!).

In case you are looking for inspiration, I shared my list with Collegiate Parent. Even if you only take one idea from the list – or maybe just take away the idea of making a list – try to squeeze in some family time with your college kids this summer. It really does go by in the blink of any eye.


We are always looking for more ideas. What activities would you add?


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