2012. It can only get better?

According to the Mayans I only have 11 months and 21 days to become a better parent. So, in my quest for rapid improvement I have created a list to guide me. This is not a vague list of resolutions to become a better parent in 2012. “Be a better parent” always makes my list, but I usually manage to break my resolve by about 3:00 pm on January 1st. It got me thinking that I probably need a more concrete plan in order to accomplish my over-reaching goal of not sucking as a parent by December 21. Maybe this year I’ll make it to January 2nd.

  1. I resolve to just say “Thank you” when my kids do something I ask them to do and not follow that with”…but if you had just done it when I asked the first time we wouldn’t have had a fight.”
  2. I resolve to let the kids work out their own fights and only intervene when one of them grabs a hockey stick or heads for the baseball equipment bag.
  3. I resolve to not ask my 15-year-old how his test went the minute he gets in the car after school (I will wait at least 60 minutes).
  4. I resolve not to buy frozen Taquitos, (or chips or candy) and then complain to my 11-year-old that frozen cheese and a smattering of beans is not a sufficient snack (Then why did I buy them??!)
  5. I resolve to not roll my eyes when my kids launch into a discussion of the “cool kill” they had on Call of Duty (or Skyrim or Halo) although I can’t agree to stop wanting to kill myself from boredom.
  6. I resolve to actually pull the plug on the video game they are playing when I tell them their time is up and not just threaten to do it over and over and over again (Me: “Ok, that is really the last five minutes you can play. No, really this time I mean it.” Kids: “OK Mom” wink, wink)
  7. I resolve to let my 11-year-old wear sports pants or basketball shorts to school at least once a week and not tell him that he looks like a bum as he walks out the door (even though I will be cringing inside).
  8. I resolve to not grip the edge of my seat so tightly when my 15-year-old is driving.
  9. I resolve to let my children finish whatever argument they have formulated to discount my “because I said so,” response to their requests (even if I have no intention of actually giving in and buying an air soft gun, a lizard, a new car, etc.).
  10. I resolve to look for the good behavior, not just the bad, and, yes, I’m talking about my behavior, too.

Happy New Year!

One response to this post.

  1. That is some list. Mine began with “Remember there is only 11 years, 4 months, 23 days, 16 hours, 45 minutes, 18..17..ok 16 seconds until the last kid graduates high school.” Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I’ll be at the April EBWW 2012 conference sitting at the “bird” table on Thursday evening. Hope you will stop by so we can meet in person. Jody, The Medicare Mom, http://themedicaremom.blogspot.com



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